Since 1969, Scatolificio del Garda is the leading company in the production of single-use flatware for food with generic designs, private label and personalized with brands.
With eight product lines – from traditional to biodegradable -, Scatolificio del Garda offers a certain solution to the needs of quality of the materials, production safety and product hygiene required from the food industry and from the catering sector.

CHS srl is a dynamic and innovative company that supplies professional products to the HoReCa sector. Its clients are restaurants, hotels, catering companies and communities. A staff of over 40 people between employees and agents on the territory, a 4500 sqm warehouse and the three showrooms allows CHS to answer real-time to its clients’ needs. CHS deals with the just in time supply of durable products for tables and buffets, kitchen tools, pots and pans, single-use products for hotels, restaurants, cafes, new delivery concepts and take away food.

Sintek, company specialized in the production of plastic containers in PEHD, PELD, PP and PET for the food industry and for many other market needs, was founded in 1995 to give pure harmony, great ergonomics and a lot of practicality to an average plastic packaging, a mixture of design and technology, energy and fantasy to create unique, personalized shapes.
All of Sintek’s products and accessoried can be personalized through silk-screen printing, pad printing and labelling, to allow the client to express its uniqueness.


Acetaia Lucenti comes from an ancient family tradition inherited from mom Emilia, who was part of a whealthy family in the Modena area. Right in the early postwar period, when still very young she became Mrs. Lucenti, Emilia brought a drowry of fine balsamic vinegar barrels. Despite the passing of time, nowadays the Lucenti family keeps on producing Balsamic Vinegar with the same artisan passion of that time, cultivating the vineyards in typical farms in the river Secchia valley and extracting independently the must used for the vinegar. All of the Acetaia Lucenti products are made with passion for the nature and ancient times patient, without using thickeners or colorants.
Nowadays Acetaia Lucenti offers 4 lines of products: Traditional, Condiments, Catering Line and Passions.

Cioccolato Colle is an artisan chocolate factory placed in the heart of the historic center of Biella. The chocolate factory selects and uses exclusively excellent-quality raw materials: the best cocoa crué, the IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, the Bronte pistachio nuts and various local specialties.
Cioccolato Colle offers an extended range of pralines, gianduia, nocciolati, chocolate-covered fruit, tasting bars and Piedmont IGP hazelnuts, milk chocolate or dark chocolate cream spreads, without added fats. All of this packaged with care, elegance, originality and possibility to personalize upon request.

D’Addato Agroalimentare produces high-quality extra virgin olive oil since 1910. The 100% Italian, D.O.P. oil obtained from the best Apulian olives is produced respecting the ancient oil tradition, together with the most modern technologies in terms of extraction and bottling. D’Addato Agroalimentare is located in Bisceglie and it is led from the fourth generation of the family. Perseverance and attention in producing high-quality extra virgin oil are unaltered. The choice of the best raw materials, the attention in the production and in the conservation of the finished product, the formation of specialized personnel that collaborates with the catering world, contributes to create an oil culture combined with a continuously reinterpreted tradition.

Ricetta Italiana srl offers My Cooking Box, made in Italy recipes with pre-dosed ingredients. What does it mean? Cooking easy and tasty, Italian and genuine… and most of all, without waste. My Cooking Box’s idea is simple and quick, just like preparing one of the Italian tradition’s meals contained in these eco-friendly boxes with a sensational content. In the box – which contains doses from 2 up to 5 people – is included the recipe in Italian and English created by Italian chefs, together with all the ingredients needed to prepare the meal, already dosed in order to avoid waste.


CHS srl is a dynamic and innovative company that supplies professional products to the HoReCa sector. Its clients are restaurants, hotels, catering companies and communities. A staff of over 40 people between employees and agents on the territory, a 4500 sqm warehouse and the three showrooms allows CHS to answer real-time to its clients’ needs. CHS deals with the just in time supply of durable products for tables and buffets, kitchen tools, pots and pans, single-use products for hotels, restaurants, cafes, new delivery concepts and take away food.

Inspired from a deep research and knowledge of the historic and artistic heritage of the menu, nowadays Artmenu Factory gives life to a well-finished, estethically improved product, catching all the shades that make the menu in line with the market’s needs, fully satisfying the different functional and hygienic requirements of the catering sector.
The menu becomes an instrument of communication and promotion, an actual business card in the hands of the clients, who can interact with it by reading it, by observing it and by touching it, raising positive sensations while waiting to taste the chef’s proposals.
Experience, professionality, efficiency and speed allow Artmenu to stand out as leading company in the HoReCa sector, both in Italy and on an international level.

In 1949, Vitamix founder William G. “Papa” Barnard created the first infomercial in the U.S. to demonstrate how the Vitamix blender can help families eat healthier with whole foods.
Improving the vitality of people’s lives and liberating the world from conventional food and beverage preparation boundaries.
We create relationships for life by designing, developing and producing the world’s best performing and most reliable blending solutions.

The idea for the Big Green Egg® was hatched in East Asia. Inspired by a clay cooking vessel developed around 3000 years ago in China, the Japanese embraced this vessel and named it kamado (oven, fireplace).
The Big Green Egg is based on an Asian design for a clay oven that is more than 3,000 years old, known as the ‘kamado’. In the previous century, American servicemen stationed in Japan tried the tasty, juicy dishes prepared in the characteristic clay pot and took it home with them to the United States to enjoy the delicious food it produced.
Opening its doors in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) in 1974, Big Green Egg made it possible for people across America to purchase this Asian jewel. The company started by importing Japanese and Chinese ‘kamados’. However, over time they developed the perfect model, benefiting from ceramic technologies advanced by NASA. A decision was reached to produce them in Mexico given the country’s impressive history in ceramics and acclaim for its excellent production methods. Before each Big Green Egg leaves the factory, it undergoes a final, meticulous inspection. The factory is ISO9001 certified, which means that it satisfies the highest quality standards applying to the industry.
Because of its ultimate combination of structure, production and unrivalled ceramics, the Big Green Egg is a truly sustainable cooking device offering a longer useful life than any other comparable type. Natural clay or ordinary ceramics do not deliver the same level of strength, weather-resistance and thermal insulation as the ceramic material used in the Big Green Egg, that can be heated over and over again without losing its quality.
This lends cooking outside a completely new dimension ensuring that, as the owner of a Big Green Egg, you will be able to enjoy it throughout the year. Thanks to the high-quality ceramics, the outside temperature doesn’t affect the temperature inside the EGG at all. Summer and winter, you can use the Big Green Egg to prepare beautifully grilled, tender meat or delicious fish in a salt crust, stir-fried shellfish or a hearty stew, crusty bread and pizzas with a crunchy base or delicate desserts!

In the early 50s, the Swiss Roger Perrinjaquet invented the kitchen robot Bamix® – a hand-held blender. He decided to call it “Bamix®”, an abbreviation of the French expression for beating and mixing (“battre et mixer”).
The blender is nowadays made in Mettlen, in the Canton of Thurgau and it distinguished for its 100% Swiss made. The Swiss rigor, byword for reliability makes of Bamix® a unique and lifelong appliance which it follows in every recipe.
Since Bamix® broke into people’s houses, thanks to its multifunctionality, it became an essential tool and a must-have appliance in most professional kitchens.
Crumbling, blending, emulsifying, whipping, mincing and chopping, also the ice!
It’s the only hand-held blender repairable and its engine is life guaranteed.
With Bamix® don’t set any limit to your creativity and try to experiment every type of recipe, it follows you every time!
Use the Bamix directly in the pan. No need to transfer the ingredients to another container!

Kuvings = Kuche + Well Being, Living
Kuvings is a combination of the German word for “kitchen” and the word “living.” It encompasses what Kuvings represents because as a global brand, we strive to improve kitchen life with more functional and innovative products.
The brand was founded in 1978 specialized in kitchen electronics our products are aimed at health and nutrition-conscious consumers.
We have numerous international patents and for this reason we’re a leader in kitchen appliances.
It’s not a coincidence if our popular Whole Slow Juicer has garnered enthusiastic reviews from juicing experts and the media.
The world’s first commercial whole slow juicer Kunvigs is manufactured in Korea with high-quality materials BPA free.
With its built-in quiet design and slow-rotating, special deceleration motor, Kuvings juicers generate less noise and vibration.
Using its slow-rotating masticating technology, Kuvings Slow Juicers efficiently cold-presses ingredients and makes 100% natural juices and smoothies keeping unchanged nutrients.
Moreover, it not oxidised and it extracts up to 30% more juice than a traditional juicer.

Uncork a bottle without uncorking it? It is not a pun, but it’s Coravin’s magic innovation, a perfect gadget for all lovers of good wine. Thanks to a very thin needle, once hooked to the neck of the bottle Coravin manages to handle the wine flow without the need to remove the cork. Small amounts of argon, an inert, odorless and tasteless gas that goes to fill the empty space, preventing the oxygen from entering the bottle: in this way the oxidation of the wine is drastically slowed down, keeping that vintage bottle until you do not have consumed the last milliliter.

Winterhalter, specialized in professional washing systems, guarantees perfect washing results. Dishwashers, cleaning products, water treatment systems and racks: Winterhalter’s products stand up for their innovation, efficiency, ease of use and for the perfect results guaranteed for decades to professional kitchens.
The catering sector relies worldwide on Winterhalter and its products for the flatware washing.